IN DEPTH LOOK - Matrix Light 2 - the only lie-flat car seat

Matrix Light 2

Breathe easy with MATRIX, the only lie-flat car seat.

The unique convertible infant car seat / carrycot in which you can carry baby sitting up or lying down, both positions approved for use in the car. The Lying flat position is recommended by health officials for long journeys.

Multi Award Winner.

Jané Matrix Light 2

Award winning carrycot and car seat - Jané Matrix Light 2


Jané Matrix Light 2


Why Buy Me?

  • The first evolutionary Group 0/0+ in the world.
  • Matrix Light 2 is the only car seat on the market that offers the option of safely travelling with your baby in the sitting up or the healthier lying flat position in the car, especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.
  • Converts from an infant car seat into a carrycot that is also suitable for overnight sleeping.
  • The optional rotating Matrix Platform, turns Matrix into the first carrycot in the world with ISOFIX, making installation even safer, quicker and easier.
  • The only car seat on the market with no time limits, due to its unique 180° lie-flat position.
  • The only true 180° lie-flat car seat on the market, making it the healthiest car seat for newborns on the market.
  • Being a more spacious infant car seat allows baby to travel in the safer rearward facing position for longer (0-13kg, up to 18 months approx.)
  • Pro-Fix system (patented) locks and unlocks car seats with just one movement, eliminating awkward fitting kits.
  • The automatic height adjustment of the shoulder straps by simply pressing a button avoids user error and the inconvenience of removing and refitting the harness as your child grows.
  • 5-Point harness allows for a larger fastening surface. 

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  • Isofix

    ISOFIX compatible

  • Side Impact Tested

    Side impact tested

  • Breathable

    Breathable material

  • Wind shielding

    Wind shielding

  • Water resistant

    Water Resistant

  • adjustable-backrest

    4 Position backrest 138° - 180°

  • weight

    weight 5.25 kg

Pro-Fix System

Like the rest of the Jané range, the Jané Matrix Light 2 is fitted with the Pro-Fix system (patented) which means in carrycot or car seat mode it can be connected quickly and safely with just one movement onto its ISOFIX base in the car or onto the pushchair chassis. With Jané everything is integrated into the system, so with the simple press of a button your travel system can be transformed.

World First

The world’s safest, healthiest all-in-one carrycot and car seat.

The award winning Group 0/0+ MATRIX LIGHT 2 from JANÉ is a revolutionary multi-functional infant car seat that turns into a carrycot. It’s the world’s safest, healthiest all-in-one carrycot and car seat.
The evolution of the award-winning MATRIX, it is the only infant car seat on the market (patented) that offers the option of safely travelling with your baby in the sitting up or lying down position in the car, especially recommended by health officials for long journeys.

Jané Matrix Light 2 Line up

Medical studies published on the medical website Pediatrics state that keeping a new-born baby in an upright position for long periods of time lowers the amount of oxygen in its blood. A new-born baby’s reflex to keep its head held up is not fully developed, meaning the head flops down and restricts the airways. Doctors say that this is good enough reason not to use an infant car seat for anything other than travel.

A car seat such as the award-winning MATRIX LIGHT 2, which can be used as a lie-flat or sitting up infant car seat in the car, helps new-born respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids spinal development.

The Matrix system has won a raft of prestigious industry awards. Its patented Isofix system: the Matrix Platform, is also a world first. Meaning that it is extremely safe and parents can now lock and unlock the Matrix from the isofix base with just one movement. It’s the healthiest way for a baby to travel - especially on long journeys.

The MATRIX LIGHT 2 car seat is available to coordinate with the complete Jané Range of pushchairs using its Pro-Fix system.



Jané understands that you will be taking your baby in and out of the car and pram on a regular basis and that this process needs to be easy, yet reassuringly safe. The Matrix Light 2 simply clicks on and off the Matrix Platform in the car and will click on to the chassis of a Jané pram in seconds, simply ‘Click & Go’.

The Matrix Platform ISOFIX base - Turns Matrix into the world's first carrycot with ISOFIX.

The Matrix Platform is the first of its kind in the world. It will allow the Matrix Light 2 car seat to be used in the conventional sitting up rearward facing position and also rotate for its unique lie-flat carrycot position which is recommend by baby health officials, especially for long journeys.

Installation Methods

Belt Fit

The Matrix Light 2 can be installed using your vehicle seat belts.

Jané Matrix Light 2 Belt Fit


1. Lie-flat position healthier     2. Easy, Quick and Secure seat belt fasteners     3. Sitting-up rearward facing

Isofix Fit

The optional Matrix Platform makes it even safer and easier to install in your car using Isofix.

Jané Matrix Light 2 Isofix Fit


1. Easy loading position    2. Lie-flat position healthier    3. Sitting-up rearward facing

Jané Matrix Light 2 Group

Technical Characteristics

Matrix Light 2 Technical Characteristics

Matrix Light 2 car seat

  1. Group 0/0+, 0-13kg, birth to 18 months approx.
  2. 4 recline positions. Can be used for overnight sleeping when used with a safety mattress.
  3. 2 positions approved for use in vehicles: (1) Flat position 180°, the heathiest position for baby, especially in the first months of life. (2) Sitting position 138°. Both approved to the latest European Safety Standards: ECE R44.04 UNIVERSAL.
  4. Rear karabiner fastening for Group 0+ seat belt lock, so it can be tightened to give more stability and reduce movement during an impact.
  5. Can be installed in the vehicle with either Seat Belt or Isofix. The Isofix option is available when used with the Matrix Platform. This combination also makes it the world’s first carrycot with ISOFIX. 
  6. 5-Point safety harness allows for a larger fastening surface. 
  7. More spacious interior and a lighter structure. 
  8. Automatic belt height adjustment system. 
  9. One-pull harness adjustment. 
  10. Integral shock absorbing material throughout.
  11. Pro-Fix connection to the Jané chassis or Matrix platform: locks and unlocks with just one movement.
  12. Ventilation system. 
  13. Complete with hood & apron. 
  14. Carrying handle with 3 positions. 
  15. Smartphone QR barcode for in car installation videos. 
  16. Internal Measurement of Carry cot: L65 x W25-28 cm (Length x Width approx. as contoured)
  17. Dimensions: 83 x 44 x 62 cm
  18. Weight: 5.25 kg




Installation Videos



Matrix Light 2 Installation with seat belts, in both lie flat and sitting up positions.


The Matrix Platform (Unique Isofix Base) - Turns Matrix into the world's first carrycot with ISOFIX.



We are proud to display the following awards that this product has received


Jane Matrix Light 2 awards



Download Instruction Manual

Jané Matrix Light 2 Instruction Manual




Pushchair Compatibility

Can be attached to most Jané Pro-fix compatible pushchairs...
Compatible models include: Kawai, Kendo, Muum, Minnum, Epic, Crosswalk, Crosswalk Convert, Rider, & Trider


Vehicle Compatibility

The Matrix Light 2 is classified as “Universal” and is compatible with most vehicles seats.
When the car manufacturer states that the vehicle seats are suitable for the installation of “Universal” type car seats, this means that there is total compatibility.
For any query, check your vehicles manual, ask the shop assistant when you buy it, or ask JANÉ directly.


Jane Crash Test Research Centre


Jane Crash Test Research Centre

The Jané Crash Test Research Centre was built in 2003 when, as a result of our commitment to child safety, we decided to create our own crash test tunnel where we could test our seats to the limit to achieve a level of safety that goes beyond the legal requirements.
All the Jané seats are created in the JANÉ CRASH TEST RESEARCH CENTER, the only private crash tunnel in Spain for researching child safety.

As it is at our factory in Palau-Solità i Plegamans (Barcelona), we can use the Crash Test as much as is necessary (and then some more). And that's how we can offer you the most tested seats on the market with the strictest certification of Europe.

Crash Test

Our car seats can be tested up to 250 times before being put on the market.
We stage crashes equivalent to 85 km/h (53 mph) in the car - much higher than the European Safety Regulations of 30 mph or ADAC crash tests at 40 mph.
Jané  Matrix Light 2 meets and exceeds the ECE R44.04 Safety Standard, for 2 positions approved for vehicles: (1) Flat position 180°, ideal rest for baby in the first months of life. (2) Sitting position 138°. European Safety Approval: ECE R44.04 Universal classification.


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