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Baby Prams, 2in1 Prams and 3in1 combination prams

Prams - also commonly known as 2in1 and 3in1 combinations. They are usually more suitable for new-borns and younger babies allowing them to travel in the recommended lie-flat position. Most include a carrycot for overnight sleeping.  So, whether you are searching for a lightweight pushchair for travel, or an all-terrain pushchair for adventures, you'll find everything you need to help your journey go smoothly.   Click here for our GUIDES - Pushchair Buying Guide

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WELCOME TO THE JANÉ WORLD -   Jané was created to help moms, dads and babies to live happier and more comfortable everyday lives. From prams and travel systems, to car seats and everyday accessories, the Jané range is curated with you in mind. Their R&D center works with cutting-edge technology to develop products in line with the latest trends and safety standards.

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Jane Muum + Micro Pro Pram
Jane Newel + Micro Pro Pram
Jane Rocket² + Smart Carrycot
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Jane Trider + Micro Pro Carrycot
Jane Muum Pro + Micro Pro Pram
Jane Kawai + Micro Pro Pram
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Jane Crosslight + Micro Pro Pram
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Pioneering child health and safety.

Jané has been around since 1932 and brings to the market a strong heritage of innovative in crash test research and development. Boasting its very own Crash Test Research Centre, this brand is known for pioneering development in child health, and has won countless award for MATRIX, the world’s only truly flat lie-flat car seat/carry cot. The range includes prams, pushchairs, car seats and nursery equipment.