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Eurotest 2019, Europe’s ultimate car seat test, gives Jane car seats the green light

Jané, the car seat safety specialist, has been awarded an impressive overall score of Four Stars for three of its leading car seats at the 2nd Edition of Eurotest 2019. 

Also known as ADAC testing*, Eurotest is THE most respected testing process, with its results informing publications such as Which? magazine.

The seats (also known as CRS - Child Restraint Systems) with most impressive results were the Jané Koos i-Size R1, with and without iPlatform, and Jané iMatrix with iPlatform.

These models performed exceptionally well in stringent tests and all stood out for their safety, for how they performed in frontal and side collisions, and for their ergonomics.


Jane Koos i-Siz R1 - awarded 4 stars overall in ADACJane Koos i-Siz R1 with iPlatform - awarded 4 stars overall in ADAC
Pictured above is the iKoos with and without iPlatform (isofix base).and the iMatrix with iPlatform.

The Koos iSize R1 baby carrier without base (iSize for babies from 40 - 83 cm) is the CRS that got 5 stars, the maximum score possible from the Eurotest, in the safety category. The Koos iSize R1 baby carrier with iPlatform also got 5 stars (iSize for babies from 40 – 83 cm) in the frontal impact category.

The third car seat from Jané that successfully passed the Eurotest was the iMatrix with iPlatform (iSize for babies from 40 - 83 cm), classed as one of the best options for travelling safely with children in the car. This model was awarded 5 stars for protection against frontal impact, 4 stars for side impact and 5 stars for ergonomics in terms of the space the child has.


‘Jane has its own Crash Test Research Centre,
guaranteeing maximum safety and pioneering innovation and design.’


Jané is delighted that their Child Restraint Systems have performed so well in the latest Eurotests. The company is one of the very few car seat manufacturers to have its own Crash Test Research centre which is one of the most advanced in the world, guaranteeing maximum safety in all products and pioneering innovation and design.


The table below shows the results achieved by the three Jané car seats:

ADAC Results for Jane car seats 2019


Notes to Editors


Every year the German motoring organisation, the ADAC, carries out crash tests on many new car seats that are available in Europe. The ADAC uses Q-dummies and tests car seats at higher speeds than the standard ECE R44 and R129 tests. The frontal crash test is done at 40mph and the side impact test at 31mph.

The ADAC also test car seats for ease of use and child comfort, and this can lower the overall result even if the seat got a high safety score. The ADAC's website says: "The overall rating only relates to safety and ease of use, with the lower rating tipping the scale". That means that a car seat that has done very well in the crash tests can still get a low rating if the testers consider the seat to be difficult to install, or if they think that the child may be uncomfortable or have a restricted view out of the window.

And the opposite is also true. A car seat that doesn't get a high score in the safety tests, but is easy to install and looks comfortable, gets a higher overall rating based on its ease of use and comfort results. And that overall rating doesn't reflect the fact that the safety result may not have been very high.

Which? Magazine uses the ADAC results in the car seat ratings they publish every year.



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