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Our FAB FOUR pick of sustainable baby products..saving you a fortune

It’s easy for a brand or a business to say it’s going green.  We believe that products have to prove themselves before we start shouting about their green credentials.

Here are some of our favourite sustainable products that also offer top-notch quality and unbeatable value for money.  We hope you like them as much as we do.



Scandi pram brand Noordi (new to the UK in 2021) is making real changes to how it operates. Noordi now uses natural resources and solar power in their factory. They recycle and upcycle plastics and materials and they are developing supportive working conditions for their skilled crafts people. Noordi prams are designed and manufactured in Northern Europe, so – and this is important – their journey to the UK has a smaller global footprint. 

Their Fjordi (available in Eco leather) and Luno is built to last, so, if it is maintained, it can be passed down through the family. This award-winning brand is all about promoting the benefits of outdoors and their prams are built for off-road action. Available in beautiful nature inspired hues, this brand is worth considering if you care about nature and sustainable, beautifully designed products.


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Staying with Noordi, we have to mention their amazing NEW 2-in-1 Maternal Cushion/Baby Nest. This ‘convertible’ product is the first baby nest in the world to have a dual function… so it provides a service for both mommy when she is pregnant, and baby when he or she is born. It lasts from minus 6 months until plus 6/8 months. 


The sides of the pod can be zipped off to become the maternal cushion (which comes with a separate cushion cover) and then zipped on again to become a traditional baby pod. We are impressed with its sustainable cotton materials, its quality, its green manufacturing credentials, and the length of time it can be used by moms-to-be and new moms. And it is not shipped from the far East, so its global footprint is small. A great idea for a baby shower gift?

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Number three is a new range of sustainable baby bedding in on-trend designs…FORREST bedding. Crafted from cotton fabric which is OEKO-TEX standard and REACH compliant, the range also includes products with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS, the anti-slavery standard). Again, the range is produced in the EU, minimizing its global footprint. We think you will love its trendy design that moves away from more traditional motifs. Gender neutral baby bedding has finally arrived in on-trend designs!!!!

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We also adore the Cocoon furniture range, which transforms from crib to cot, to toddler bed, to sofa. Made from 100% solid wood, this quality furniture is built to last – from birth right up until the age of 6. You can check out a review of this beautiful furniture on the Sisters and Sons blog. Imagine making one sustainable purchase that will last your child right up until the age of 6! You will be blown away by the superior quality of Cocoon and will find that most other nursery furniture brands use veneers.

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