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Sleeping with baby... is it ever safe?

Here's the facts all parents need to know.

sleeping with baby.... is it ever safe?There's simply nothing better than cuddling up with your baby!  But recent press reports have linked "Co-sleeping" to the deaths of 665 babies in the past five years. That's an alarming figure of three deaths per week. These shocking statistics were revealed for the first time last month after local authorities gathered the statistics from every child death in England.

Babies who share a bed can become suffocated or overheat if parents roll over on to them. And sleeping with baby can also lead to an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

But is there a safe way of sleeping with your baby without putting them at risk? After all, the love you feel for your child is a basic part of your make-up. Whether you're a mum or a dad, an adoptive parent or a step-parent, you're primed to form strong bonds with your child. And your child is equally ready to connect with you. 

One of the newest, and safest, ways of sleeping with baby is called 'side sleeping'. This is when a specially designed cot is attached to the side of your bed. One side is removed so the baby has its own space, yet they are lying close to you.

Even if you don’t plan to co-sleep with your baby regularly, you may feel there are times when it's easier to bring him into your bed for comfort or feeding. This new trend in side sleepers could be the obvious solution for safely sleeping with your little one.

Here's some of the Benefits of side-sleeping

  • It helps newborns to adjust sleep-waking times
  • Makes it easier for mums to breastfeed
  • It reassures parents and makes the child feel safe
  • It strengthens the bond between child and parent, helping the child to grow more self-confident and sociable
  • Sleeping in the same room, but not in the same bed (reducing the risk of SIDS)


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Here's some other clever new trends for staying close to baby, feeling the love............ and building that bond. 


Baby wearing

jane baby cocoon slingCarry your baby in a sling or front carrier. Feeling your baby's warmth, smelling his sweet scent, and looking down often to make eye contact with him can help you bond.

Slings – Sometimes called wraps, are swatches of material designed to keep baby close to you in comfort. The majority of slings wrap around your body and shoulders, holding your baby towards you. There are outward-facing wrap options, for when your baby gets older. 

Baby carriers – Also suitable from birth, these handy carriers often offer more padding than a sling, yet still allow you freedom of movement. Ergonomically designed for maximum back support for you and your little one, they are a sturdier option than a sling. Several models also convert to a back-carrier to accommodate your growing baby. 

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Pregnancy and Nursing Pillows

Jane Mother CushionComfort during pregnancy and feeding is essential to both mother and baby. Using a cushion during feeding helps baby feel secure and close to the mother.

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