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The two hour 'rule' - what does this mean for your baby?

Matrix Light 2 lie-flat car seatThe two hour 'rule' - what does this mean for your baby, and how can you keep their airways open?

The 'two hour rule' is the established recommendation, endorsed by safety experts and manufacturers, which suggests new-born babies shouldn't sit in an upright car seat for more than two hours at a time. 

This is because babies and very young children can experience breathing problems if placed in a seated, or scrunched position, for too long.

Indeed, health officials and medical studies agree that to minimise periods of oxygen desaturation, newborn babies should be transported in a lie-flat travel system and babies should NOT be transported in an upright position for more than half-an-hour.

Justin Daniels from the Lullaby Trust explains: "Car seats are desperately important to save lives from car accidents. However, families should not leave babies in car seats for long periods or once they are removed from the car. 

"Small babies do not have the ability to support their heads and our studies show being upright in a seat is a risky position for a long period of time. This is because a baby's ability to keep their head held up is not fully developed, meaning their head can flop down and restrict the airways causing oxygen desaturation."

Made for Mums, Bounty, the Best Buggy website and many others recommend the multi-award winning Matrix Light 2 which is the ONLY truly lie-flat carrycot/car seat in the world. The JANE Matrix is actually a carry cot and a car seat combined.

In the carrycot position it can be used for occasional overnight sleeping, so you don't have to invest in a travel cot initially. Your child can travel lying down flat in carrycot mode to begin with, then there are four recline positions for when the baby is older. The 'Jané Matrix Light 2' means you can take a sleeping baby from the house, click it into the Isofix base in the car and head off on whatever length of journey you need to make, without having to worry about

The Matrix is compatible with JANE pushchairs including the Epic, Crosswalk, Muum, Trider and Rider, and is suitable from birth to around eighteen months.


The Matrix Platform ISOFIX base,
Turns Matrix into the world's first carrycot with ISOFIX.

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