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Jane Yum Bear - Portable Teddy Bear Shaped Night Light.  £9.95

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Yum Bear: The Nightlight Companion Your Baby Needs

Imagine a soft teddy bear that doesn't just cuddle, but also lights up your baby's world. Sounds magical, doesn't it? That's the Yum Bear for you.

  • Multifunctional Delight: Ever thought of a teddy bear that doubles as a lamp? From acting as a bedtime companion to doubling as a travel lamp, Yum Bear wears many hats. But it doesn't stop there! The multi-colour feature ensures that your child is never bored. Picture this: a soft, mesmerizing dance of up to nine colours, filling the room with a serene glow. Now that's enchanting!
  • Sensory Benefits for Babies: Children are curious, especially during their formative years. The Yum Bear not only serves as a source of light but aids in the sensory development of babies. How? The blend of colours provides a calming effect, creating an atmosphere of balance and harmony. Like a lullaby, but with colours.
  • User-Friendly Touch Mechanics: Remember playing 'Tap and Tilt'? Yum Bear brings back that simplicity with its touch functions. Just a tap and you can shuffle between warm white and the colour transition mode. A third tap freezes a specific colour. And if you wish to turn it off? Just one more tap!
  • Safety First: BPA-Free & Silicone Softness: As parents, we're always on the lookout for what's safe for our babies. And guess what? Yum Bear ensures that with its BPA-free certification. The soft silicone texture? That's an added advantage, making it an absolute joy for the little ones to play with.
  • Compact and Portable: Ever heard of 'Tiny but Mighty'? Yum Bear is the embodiment of that. With dimensions of 8 x 5 x 5 cm, it's compact. Whether it's for a sleepover at the grandparents' or a vacation, Yum Bear is always ready to travel.
  • In a world full of toys and lights, Yum Bear stands out. It's not just a night light; it's a companion, a sensory developer, a travel buddy, and above all, a teddy that brings joy.

Available in 2 sizes; Yum Bear and Yum Bear Big


  • Softly lights up the baby’s room with a multitude of colours to bring balance and harmony to the baby’s sensory development.
  • Alternates up to nine colours with two intensities of white light.
  • Includes two programmes with automatic light change to fill the room with different colours.
  • Soft silicone that is pleasing to the touch and always returns to its original shape.
  • Can be used as a portable torch or travel lamp as it does not require any wires.
  • BPA Free.

Touch Functions:

  1. Press the start or function button to switch the light on. It will start in “warm white” light mode.
  2. Press the function button a second time to switch to “colour transition” mode.
  3. Press the button a third time to pause the light on a specific colour.
  4. Press the function button again to switch the light off.


  • Mini lamp or night light made of extra soft silicone.
  • Maximum power: 0.25W
  • Power supply: 1 CR2032(3V) battery included.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 5 cm
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