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Jané: Safety Guarantee

At Jané we are committed to the safety of your family and we put all our resources and expertise into creating the safest and most comfortable car safety seats.

At the Jané Crash Test Research Center, our Research and Development Centre, all our car seats undergo high performance tests in the most extreme conditions, always complying with the current European Regulations on Child Restraint Systems.

In a car accident, your child’s safety seat is subjected to violent stress and it needs to be replaced with a new one to fully guarantee your child’s safety and protection.

At Jané we will replace your car safety seat (same model or similar), with a completely new one at no cost. The safety and well-being of your children is the most important thing for Jané. This is our commitment.

*Check terms and conditions with us.



is that when you buy your Jané car seat, you’re buying one of the safest products on the market.

The Good News


This is the Jané pledge:

to create and design car seats with the strictest quality standards on the market.


That’s the Jané philosophy:

to think about the safety of your family and your peace of mind. Because, for us, the most important thing is that your children are completely protected and comfortable.


Award Winning Car Safety Seats

...and the better news

is that if you have to replace your seat with another one after an accident*,

Jané gives you one free!


the even better news


Are you lucky enough to enjoy a Jané car seat?


Award winning Safety Car Seats for Lucky people, Jané people

Lucky people. Jané people.


Dear Jané,

"We want to send you our thanks for the quality of your Matrix Light 2 car seat.
We bought the Muum pushchair with a Matrix Light safety seat for the birth of
our little Alix in August 2014.

Unfortunately, in September 2014 we had a serious car accident caused by
someone else. Our five-week-old daughter was well strapped into her safety
seat. A guardian angel and a miracle meant she came through without a
scratch, completely unhurt with the car seat intact despite the violence of the
crash (our car was thrown on to the other side of the road).

Our little angel is fine today, and we are too...and we have bought exactly the
same pushchair and safety seat again. Alix loves her pushchair: she’s a real
princess in her carriage. Thanks to your team for making such safe, reliable
products. Best regards, Alix, Chantal and Aurélien."

Aurélien Fernon - Vincennes, France


Dear Jané,

"I bought a Jane Auto carrycot on the  advice of the very helpful and
knowledgeable  staff in the Nursery Shop, Abingdon.

We had a very serious accident when our baby was  just three days old.
We were travelling in a VW Polo, stationery on a by-pass at 1.00am late

at night, when we were rammed from behind by joy-riders in a Mercedes
Sprinter van travellng at about  80mph. The back of our car was completely
stoved in, and we barrel rolled three times. 

Thankfully, baby Harry didn't have a single scratch or bruise. The carrycot
was damaged in the accident, but it did it's job by absorbing the impact.
As we used it with the  hood attached, it also protected him from the flying glass.

I didn't fair so well. I had  surgery on my arm, and was in plaster for 6 weeks.
Great fun with a new baby! I would recommend a Jane Auto carrycot to anyone."

Lesley Witts - England, United Kingdom


* When your seat has been subjected to violent stress in an accident, it must be replaced with a new one or sent back to the manufacturer with an accident report so it can be checked.