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Jane Dummies & Teethers

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Soothe and Comfort: Dummies & Teethers for Babies

Explore our collection of dummies and teethers, specially designed to calm and soothe your little one during teething. Our safe and gentle products provide relief for tender gums and promote healthy oral development. Shop now for happy and contented babies!

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WELCOME TO THE JANÉ WORLD -   Jané was created to help moms, dads and babies to live happier and more comfortable everyday lives. From prams and travel systems, to car seats and everyday accessories, the Jané range is curated with you in mind. Their R&D center works with cutting-edge technology to develop products in line with the latest trends and safety standards.

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Jane Giraffe silicone teether
Jane Telephone Refrigerated Teether
Jane Protector Dummy Holder Clip
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Jane Dummy Holder Box
Jane Natural Latex Teether
Jane Soothers (2 Pack)
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Pioneering child health and safety since 1932.

Discover Jané, a brand that has been a beacon of love and care for families since 1932. With a legacy of innovation and award-winning products for babies, Jané is a symbol of unwavering dedication to child health and safety. Their very own Crash Test Research Centre showcases their commitment to pioneering advancements.

The crowning jewel, MATRIX, the world's ONLY truly flat lie-flat car seat/carry cot, has won countless accolades for its revolutionary design. Jané's range includes pushchairs and nursery goods, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Embrace Jané as your trusted companion in nurturing dreams, safeguarding innocence, and creating cherished memories.