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COCOON products are supported by warranties of up to 5 years, to reassure our customers that we supply only the of best quality.  Designed to last, no MDF or veneers.

The Cocoon Story
COCOON nursery furniture is renowned for its style and innovation. As market leaders we meet and exceed all safety standards setting our range apart from the rest. COCOON nursery furniture is your choice when only the best will do for your loved one. Our furniture is built to evolve with your child, it's built to last.

Evolution - One of the greatest gifts in life is watching your loved one grow and evolve from a peaceful new life to an active boy or girl. As they grow, their needs will change, and our furniture will evolve with them.

Our range of award-winning COCOON 4-in-1 nursery furniture systems offers parents four products from the one innovative design. It will evolve & expand with your child from birth to 5 years approx.

Newborn crib    Cot    Toddler Bed    Sofa / Bed.

COCOON quality craftsmanship and innovative technologies give your nursery furniture a much longer life span. We make sure there is no need to keep buying new furniture at each stage of your child’s development.


Cocoon Innovative Nursery Furniture

Cocoon Product Categories

Evoluer 4in1 crib, cot, cotbed & sofa

Evoluer 4 in 1

Evoluer 4in1 crib, cot, cotbed & sofa

Evoluer 4 in 1

Evoke 4in1 crib, cot, cotbed & sofa

White - Natural

Evoluer Change Area / Dresser

Change Area Dresser

Cribs and Co-Sleepers

Co-Sleeper Crib



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Cocoon 4 in 1 nursery furniture

the ultimate long-term furniture that grows with your child

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